North Pole Exped

Eric Philips
Eric is the expedition guide. This is his 13th season guiding expeditions to or from the North Pole. He is an IPGA Master Polar Guide and director at Icetrek Polar Expeditions and Equipment. Eric lives in Hobart, Australia.
Jade Hameister
Jade is a 14 year old student from Melbourne, Australia who loves being active and outdoors. Jade had climbed Mt Kosciuszko and completed her first triathlon season by age 6. By age 12, Jade had conquered the Mt Everest Base Camp Trek and was inspired by the courage of two women she befriended on that trip – one that was aiming to reach the summit and who had previously skied to the South Pole solo and the other who had been the first woman to summit Everest without oxygen. This inspiration has led Jade to undertake her own quest… Jade’s Polar Quest.
Paul Hameister
Paul is Jade’s father and the 12th Australian to climb the Seven Summits (including Everest in 2011). Paul is a Melbourne-based business owner.
Petter Nyquist
Petter is an experienced polar adventurer and cameraman. He lives in Norway with his family and is the owner of Petter Nyquist Productions.