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After yesterday's very cold introduction I was concerned for how Jade might fare overnight but she said she'd slept warmly.

We emerged from the tents to a northerly wind yet surprisingly it hadn't sent us drifting south, the current must have negated the wind. A lucky twist as wind will usually send the pack ice sailing.

Wearing face masks and goggles we skied into the chilly wind until it relented after lunch, a beautiful iridescent light left in its wake.

Jade has done nothing but impress me. Despite being 14 and a novice skier, her progress through pressure ridges has been measured, her balance on skis exceptional, her confidence high, and we covered a tough 13km.

So far nothing has jaded the Jade. Her dad's experience on the highest mountain on every continent shines through and as for Petter our cameraman, well, he's Norwegian!

Breaking news! I just called Victor Serov at Barneo for my nightly sked and the found out that the runway has cracked yet again. Ouch!

  • Nombre: Day 2
  • Elevación: 1 m
  • Latitud: 88° 5336Norte
  • Longitud: 128° 339Este


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    2016-04-15 00:11:50 jojo dijo: never a dull moment with your ventures!!! very pleased to hear all is going well apart from the cracking going on....will you all be stuck if there is no suitable safe runway!! XXX

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