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Still no chance of flying north. On top of the runway complications we now have an added problem involving paperwork for the Antonov-74 which is due to fly to Murmansk with a resupply of food and fuel, and generator oil for heating the tents at Barneo. Supplies are running low and the staff there have been working 24/7 to get a runway completed.

We don't know why there is an issue with paperwork but a prolonged holdup stands to jeopardise the welfare of the hardy folk up there.

Together with Audun, Dixie, Keith and Masha I skied up a valley behind town to the summit of Lars Hiertafjellet. The long descent on spring snow was fantastic.



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    2016-04-09 15:55:46 jojo dijo: what!!! tell them....ain,t nobody got time for that!! sorry to hear about the procrastination and hope it all gets sorted asap!! XXX
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    2016-04-08 21:30:46 Clelia dijo: All the best, Eric!

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