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Welcome to the blog of Icetrek’s 13th North Pole season. After a few days prep and packing we are pretty much set for departure. A one-day delay due to cracks developing in the sea ice runway of Barneo camp gave us some additional time for tweaking our gear and a mini training session just out of town in Adventdalen.

Paul and Jade Hameister, novice skiers, took to the snow with style, dragging their sleds with ease, and style, dressed head to toe in colourful shell jacket and pants from Mont Adventure Equipment. Jade’s already showing the results of all her training back home, looking strong and determined. Her dad however is in the wars, he had kidney stones removed just hours before flying to Svalbard from hometown Melbourne. As a result we’ll make a slow and steady start once we land at our starting point on the frozen Arctic Ocean 224km from the North Pole. We are scheduled to fly north on April 5.

We’re joined by cameraman Petter Nyquist, a polar specialist, who is filming the expedition for National Geographic.

Icetrek has two other teams on the ice, one guided by Audun Tholfson, from Svalbard, doing a double degree expedition like us, the other by Belgian Dixie Dansercoer who is guiding a last degree expedition or 112km (his blog at ).

Stay tuned, action begins in a couple of days.



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    2016-04-04 12:13:15 Lyndy and Heinz dijo: Good luck Eric! And all the best to Jade. Plus speedy recovery to Paul. Hope for you that the ice holds and you do not have to cross too much water.
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    2016-04-04 04:37:45 karensa dijo: Have an amazing trip, thanks for sharing.
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    2016-04-04 00:27:08 jojo dijo: and off you go again...ook forward to following the journey and may it be hic cup free!! XXX
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    2016-04-03 23:56:14 Cristián Donoso dijo: Nice expedition! I am following
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    2016-04-03 23:52:36 Kathy Philips dijo: Sounds exciting for all. stay safe xx

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