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dic 09

kiting again

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I got real lucky today. I slogged 3km around the point west of Ulvetanna and entered the Sigynbreen. An hour in the wind sprang up from the NW and I launched my big blue (after an hour untangling a flustercuck) and kited the 20km east to the next mountain range. Just a few tiny crevasses on the far side and then a field of blue ice before finding a nice camp at the base of a pass. In the photo you can see the pass to the left of the kite. I skin up it tomorrow and camp high for a couple of nights so I can do some climbs of local peaks. New adventures every day. Loving this trip.

  • Nombre: Camp 6
  • Elevación: 1508 m
  • Latitud: 71° 5027Sur
  • Longitud: 8° 5138Este


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    2015-12-10 07:33:04 Jose dijo: Amazing trip Eric! It has to be very inspiring to be alone out ther. Cheers!!
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    2015-12-09 21:59:30 Adam dijo: Totally awesome Eric. Strange thinking of you out there by yourself in that other frozen place while we all run around in the hive having meetings and trying to organize stuff.. big ups mate!!

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