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nov 24

Icetrek Update

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Hi everyone

I’m in sunny Cape Town, with a day to spare due to a delayed flight departure for Antarctica. I met the team yesterday and had dinner with them at a fabulous Chinese restaurant, my cuisine for the next 10 days as I’ve hired a Chinese chef to look after our tummies down south.

Our bags are packed, weighed and stored for the flight late on Wednesday or early Thursday. My sled for my expedition is also ready to go, weighed in at 75kg.

Pic is of the team at The Antarctic Company office in Cape Town. I’ve been working with Beijing travel company Tripolers for six years and third from right is Xiao, their interpreter and mountain guide (guided Denali, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Kili…). Second from right is Cape Town resident Andy, our chef. TAC manager, Sergei Sakharov, will also join us. Thanks to outgoing manager Anne Froelich for both developing this program over the last 6 years and for ensuring all of the surrounding logistics fall into place. We’ll miss you!

  • Nombre: Cape Town
  • Elevación: 54 m
  • Latitud: 33° 5541Sur
  • Longitud: 18° 2453Este


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    2015-11-25 13:18:48 Jose Naranjo dijo: Good luck mate!! :)
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    2015-11-24 22:27:43 Karen R dijo: Greetings from Hobart! We wish your expedition the best of success, see you on the other side.
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    2015-11-24 21:19:10 Warren N dijo: Xiǎngshòu hé yǒu yīgè ānquán zhī lǚ!
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    2015-11-24 15:08:50 Ivan Schenck dijo: Hey Eric, Only one in shorts I see :-) Have fun on the ice. Hope to see you again in the future in some remote location !
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    2015-11-24 14:49:31 Tom Smit dijo: Good luck mate, seeing your dad and sister this weekend in Adelaide, sorry to miss out on you! Have a great time in Capetown!!
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    2015-11-24 14:34:11 Ben W dijo: Thanks for the update Eric. Looking forward to tracking your latest adventures - especially your solo trip. Best wishes.

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