Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

abr 08


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Barentsburg is a Russian coal mining town around 80km SW of Longyearbyen and it was my first visit in 12 years of coming here. Seamus, Heath and I rented snowmobiles (Nacer stayed back to work on his equipment) and together with Barentsburg guide Fiodor we made the round trip under blue skies and almost no wind. It's a fascinating place, a mix of Soviet and new Russian style, and with the coal dwindling there is a big push for tourism, even to such a far-flung outpost.

We leave at 6am, sleds are packed and weighed, short sleep then we fly 2.5 hours to Barneo and then by helicopter to 88north. Long time coming, we are ready. Eric


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    2015-04-09 06:31:51 Ed Parker dijo: Fly safe and watch out for those leads!

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