Icetrek North Pole Ski Expedition 2015

abr 07

Ice cave

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Heath and Seamus dutifully entertained the Russians sharing our new digs til the wee hours so it was was a sluggish start to the day. We invited Sasha and Tatiana out on a training ski and they readily accepted, not entirely knowing what they were in for. Two hours and 5km later we and the novice skiers had slogged up the long glacier behind Longyearbyen to stand face to face with the 'ice cave'. It's essentially a crevasse that has been bridged over making for a dark, icy, winding and descending passage into the glacier. It's a pretty awesome place full of icicles and moraine embedded in the walls, navigable with the torches on our iPhones.

The descent back to Longyearbyen was labour-some with our skins screwed to the underside of our skis in preparation for North Pole travel but 5 hours after we began the trip we skied back into town for a late bowl of pasta with more Russian friends Leo and Fiodor.


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    2015-04-13 07:39:51 Pete McCormick dijo: Here's hoping you have some overnight positive flows
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    2015-04-08 10:48:21 Dags dijo: Enough ! You're just making me jealous
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    2015-04-08 04:57:06 dad philips dijo: give me 35 c anytime that white stuff too cold for me enjoy all in admiration
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    2015-04-08 00:24:00 Adam dijo: Awesome! cant wait to be back on the ice... enjoy you lucky people!

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