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dic 20

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Hi everyone
Today we had an early start 7:am, our plan was to sail to Palmer Station.
Sadly we can't always stick to plans. This morning we woke up to about
48 knots of wind and no chance of getting out of our anchorage safely.
We all were a little disappointed not to see the American base but we
have seen so many wonderful things it doesn't really matter. We are
leaving for the Drake tomorrow so we decided not to waste time and got
strait into preparing food for the crossing.
Nice simple food so its easy to eat and a lot of veggies. After this we
planned either to ski if we haven't already or go to Vernadsky
station and relax there. I went to the station and used it as an
opportunity to have a shower which has been sorely missed for obvious
reasons. We played a very intense game of darts which was great fun.
During this time the ski group was in blizzard conditions, snow
everywhere and strong wind. They were calling in on the radio as Team
Wet. When we got back to the boats everything was about an inch covered
in snow. Well we are about to sit down to a nice dinner, having a great
time at the bottom of the world.
See you all soon
Nick Fletcher

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