Arctic High 90 with Icetrek

Christophe Vandaele
Christophe Vandaele is the managing director and founder of HI7E, a private investments partnership providing broad-based, pro-active business turnaround management solutions offering hands-on management and consultation relative to improving deteriorating financial and operational performance of small to middle market companies. Christophe is a serial entrepreneur, previously founding several successful start ups and guiding them to exit. When not working Christophe loves walking in the footsteps of the early explorers such as George Mallory, Captain Scott , John Muir and Robert E. Peary to the most remote places of our earth. " Walking to the North Pole" is something that already as a boy, Christophe dreamed of. Exploring the "roof of the world", the frozen Arctic north will be this expeditions goal.
Eric Philips
Eric is the founder and owner of Icetrek Expeditions. This is his 10th year skiing to the North Pole. While back in Australia he...looks forward to winter!
Fabio De Mas
Fabio De Mas was born February 3, 1973 in Belluno in Italy where he lives and works. Married with one daughter, Linda was born December 4, 2009. Degree in Political Science from the University of Bologna, and Sociology at the University of Trento. The His passions include mountaineering and ski mountaineering. With skis fell from the main peaks of the Dolomites like Mount Civetta (3218 m descent classified as S5), Pelmo (mt3168 S4), the Tofana Rozes (mt 3225), Antelao (m. 3264), the Marmolada (mt 3343) from the northern wall. In 2009 dropped by ski from Mont Blanc (mt 4810). Between 2009 and 2011 in 4000 has climbed thirteen western Alps including the Matterhorn. Also in 2010 rose to 5895 meters of Mount Kilimanjaro the highest peak on the African continent. In 2011 he took part in an expedition to climb Cho Oyu, which with its 8201 meters is the sixth highest mountain on earth, stopping for several reasons, among them the weather, to a field in 6550. Rock climbing and winter icefall. In 2010 he ran the marathon in New York and 2011 in 3 hours and 17 minutes, the Berlin Marathon
Leonid Plenkin
Leo is a guide with Vicaar, the logistics company that supports most North Pole expeditions. He is an assistant guide on this expedition but has already visited the North Pole on more than 10 occasions. Leo grew up in Norilsk but lives in Saint Petersburg, but o
Nat Tyce
Nat is 38 years old and from London. Having been inspired for many years by the adventures of Scott, Shackleton , Amundsen , Nansen and others he is excited to be embarking on his first polar adventure.
Paul Lewellen
A week spent kayaking in Svalbard in 2007 meant that Paul had to return to “finish the job” by getting to the Pole. He is a keen cyclist, skier and fell walker which balances his day job as a director of a construction group.