Pole to Pole Run with Icetrek - South Pole leg

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Altitude, cold and fatigue have halved Pat's pace. As the Dutch say, the last pieces of lead are the heaviest. Scott's team arrived south pole 100 years ago today. e
  • Distancia acumulada: 1137 km
  • Distancia restante: 35,0 km
  • Nombre: Camp 19
  • Elevación: 2795 m
  • Latitud: 89° 4111Sur
  • Longitud: 86° 392Oeste


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    2012-01-18 19:40:36 Paul Hillbrick dijo: Pat, look forward to having a beer. Stay safe.
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    2012-01-18 14:04:43 Albert Martens dijo: Pat and team Congratulations. Today you must finish the long trek. On you way back to Australia - stop in at our home in Central Canada - I'll put on the coffee. I would love to meet you and talk to you. Do you do public speaking?
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    2012-01-18 09:35:30 Lee-Anne dijo: You guys rock, you must be ecstatic, so close to your amazing goal, Thank you for showing the world it can be done.
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    2012-01-18 07:23:54 Tom Smit dijo: Can imagine the feeling of being almost there! Go go go Pat! Will call you in a couple of weeks Eric, ciao Tom
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    2012-01-18 05:47:46 Tim of Moonah dijo: Will be good to see you home Eric. Whiskey, red wine, guitars, paddling, riding etc. awaits you.
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    2012-01-18 05:39:53 Colleen and John dijo: Amazing feat Pat. Well done! Looking forward to meeting you sometime when back in NSW. Keep plugging mate! As always we keep others informed.
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    2012-01-18 04:05:51 Eric" parents dijo: Wow, nearly at the bottom of the earth you all will need a shower, i can smell you from adelaide

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