Arctic High 90 with Icetrek

Apr 05

Flying to the ice

Published at 07:15
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Hi everyone.
The Arctic High team met here in Longyearbyen, Norway on the 10th and are ready for departure this morning to Barneo Ice Camp located on the Arctic Ocean near the North Pole. We have an additional member, Leo Plenkin, a Russian guide from Vicaar, the central company that organises much of the flight logistics between Norway and the Pole. Leo has been many times to the North Pole but this will be his longest ski trip.
Yesterday we had a short training trip with sleds and polar clothing. We pitched tents and lit the stoves to make certain these two important items are operating as they should. No surprises.
Everyone is in good shape, suitably focused and excited and I look forward to sending news of our progress over the next few days.
The second picture in the warehouse - from left: me, Leo, Paul, Fabio, Christophe and Nat
  • Accumulated distance: 0 m
  • Distance to go: 50.0 km


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    2012-04-13 18:33:31 Andrew says: Paul wishing you a great adventure and a safe journey.
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    2012-04-12 12:41:02 Lyndy and Heinz says: Best wishes for success. Have fun. Wish we were with you. We start our sailing trip in 5 days. Here we have 82 degr.F under a sunny sky.j Love Lyndy and Heinz

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