New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

Jan 07

The Spell

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Aside from two old rusted fuel drums we passed on the Reedy Glacier, likely from refuelling of aircraft supporting science programs decades ago, we've seen nothing of humans. On a journey such as this a spell is cast that locks you into a kind of trance, one that directs thought and energy towards the perfunctory - practicality, maintenance, locomotion, sustenance, survival and team welfare. Most everything else is superfluous or irrelevant.

On the glacier we see evidence of our movement as distant mountains and glaciers come and go. But here on the plateau we might as well be on a giant treadmill, only the GPS gives an indication of advancement. The feeling of being suspended in time and motion, together with the joy of being immersed in pure wilderness, is spellbinding,

But to the south we see a harbinger, a potion brewing. Just above the horizon sits a sheer cloud, barely visible, and unmoving in the blue windless sky. I circle 360 and nowhere else on the horizon is there anything like it. I want it to be a simple cloud but I know it's water vapour hanging above the 44km distant Amundsen-Scott South Pole station on this still day. If we wake to a knot of wind it will be gone. I want it gone. I'm not yet ready for a broken spell.


Pics of our lunch break and a selfie

  • Name: Camp 31
  • Höhe: 2847 m
  • Breitengrad: 89° 3631South
  • Längengrad: 129° 538West


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    2017-01-07 21:28:48 Karen says: Enjoy this state of suspension from other earthly concerns! In Hobart it's 29 degrees... I remember the Plateau from my Traktor perspective and can only imagine what it would be like on foot. But the suspenednswnse of time and space is similar. Stay well!
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    2017-01-07 08:57:26 Jose says: Great post Eric. Gods gifted you with the talent to use the words in a very nice way. Literature in pure state. Good luck guys for the last days of your amazing expedition.

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