New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

Dez 25


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Blue sky returned to our happy camp last night and we used it to good effect today, weaving a convoluted path through the sastrugi which hasn't abated an iota. For the uninitiated, sastrugi, a Russian word, are wind-formed ridges of hardened snow, and are very common in Antarctica. They can grow to 2m in height, ours are around 60-100cm. If they are aligned to your direction of travel then passage is relatively straightforward; if anything but aligned they are a complex maze to navigate.

Today marks half way to the pole, around 300km to go. We did 22km in 8.5 hours and are now cosied up in our tent making Xmas calls. We are just east of the date line so our Xmas will be tomorrow.

My sled sustained another crack today which I repaired. 300km of sastrugi will be too much to ask of it.

Merry Xmas everyone.


  • Name: Camp 18
  • Höhe: 2627 m
  • Breitengrad: 87° 1612South
  • Längengrad: 127° 17West


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    2016-12-25 20:58:00 Rob Easther says: Best wishes for a Xmas to remember Eric and good luck with the next 300 kms hope your sled holds up. Rob
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    2016-12-25 19:11:04 Ben says: The night after reading this I dreamt my violin developed a huge crack and literally fell apart in my hands!
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    2016-12-25 14:29:04 Lyndy and Heinz says: Glad you have blue sky, charge batteries and can receive mail. Merry Christmas to you. With anticipation we watch you progress every day. Good luck, our thoughts are with you.
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    2016-12-25 12:46:09 Jose Naranjo says: Merry Christmas Eric! Merry Christmas Rob, Keith! I toasted for all of you and your challenge during Christmas Eve. Congratulations for passing the expedtiion half way. Cheers!!!!
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    2016-12-25 07:50:05 Joan says: Happy travels Eric and Christmas greetings.
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    2016-12-25 07:46:22 Ivanka janssen says: Merry Christmas and bon courage out there!
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    2016-12-25 07:15:04 Ben says: Maybe ask Santa Claus for a new sled. He does a good line in them I've heard.
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    2016-12-25 07:03:06 Yvette says: To all 3 Merry Christmas and well done. Love from Yvette, Oskar, Magnus, Ruffle and Paloma Tuffley

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