New Route via Reedy Glacier to South Pole

Dez 13

wind with a vengeance

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We hoped the wind would abate overnight but alas, it got stronger. We're now in a true katabatic wind howling down from the plateau. I know it to be a local effect because the few clouds in our beautiful blue sky are lazy.

Pitching the tent was pretty epic, a team effort for sure that if done wrong can result in broken poles at best and a lost tent at worst. Game over. Times like these we feel our remoteness in spades. The rest of the time, hauling a sled slowly past magnificent peaks and glaciers, is excitement in slow motion, slow burn adventure. Nothing happens fast, I kinda like it that way.

Rob's ankle and heel gave him considerable grief today and we stopped early to give his foot some rest. It's pretty swollen, hmm, where will I find some ice?

14km today, 111km behind us, 491 out front.


Pics of Rob between my skis and our tent deformed by the wind.


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    2016-12-16 13:29:33 Jose Naranjo says: Hi Eric! Nice pictures. I hope Rob's ankle heals soon. Have good luck!
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    2016-12-14 01:37:34 Janno says: Wow sounds amazing xxx
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    2016-12-13 21:59:25 Keith Sauls says: Team IAE 80 South has your back! Keep up the progress and inspiration.
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    2016-12-13 20:27:18 Carla says: Yes get on that bike Rob!
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    2016-12-13 17:29:48 Becs says: Just what I was going to say Bruce!
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    2016-12-13 08:32:59 Bruce says: Ride the bike rob!

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